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  • Our company offers professional math and statistics homework help online in every single subject, having served thousands of satisfied customers since 2005.

  • We can solve problems for you from every single Math, Statistics, Economics and Social Sciences subject. Results are guaranteed! The rate starts at $25/hour.

  • E-mail or fax us your problems from any math subject: Calculus, Algebra, Statistics, Geometry, Trigonometry, Quantitative Analysis, Physics, Economics and all Social Sciences. We'll send you back a free quote in hours.

Welcome to My Geeky Tutor. Our aim is to provide the best quality math homework help online for all levels (high school, pre-calculus, college, thesis and software projects, etc.) Our broad spectrum includes math (calculus and algebra help, statistics homework help, geometry, trigonometry, etc.), Physics, Economics and Social Sciences.

Either if it is for a single problem or if you need assistance for the whole semester, or if it is a simple question or a very complex piece of statistical analysis, we can provide the kind of math help you need. This is the place where you can get your math and statistics answers.

Our ultimate goal is to create a strong trust relationship with our clients and provide them assistance to achieve their academic goals and objectives. We are one of the most reliable sources of math homework in the net.

We provide different types of assistance, suitable for the different needs you might have:

  • Problem Solving service: You can submit a list of problems to us, and we'll provide a free quote for solving your math and statistics problems. There's no obligation after that, so it COSTS YOU NOTHING to find out what the price would be. Also, our answers are guaranteed.......  Read more.

  • STORE: We recently updated our store, where you can buy lists of dozens of solved math problems, math formulas, study guides, handouts, books, etc. Exactly what you need to prepare for your exams. You'll find solved calculus and statisticd exercises, etc. Make sure to come back frequently as we update this section constantly with new releases and textbook reviews.


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  • NEW!: Now we offer full suport for all Social Sciences subjects, such as Sociology, Business Strategy, Criminology, Psychology, etc.

  • We update our content daily: There's a lot of free samples for you to see examples of the way our problem solving service works. All you need to have is a pdf reader. Also, don't miss the Problem of the day.

  • Live Help: Get online assistance with our Live Support Team. You can get information about our sites, quotes or any specific question you have in mind. Just click on the Live assistence icon on top of the page (Service in maintenance)

There's a lot of features coming soon, for instance we'll have categorized daily solved problems from different math subjects (Calculus, Probability Statistics, etc.) Please make sure to come back frequently to our site to catch the new features.

Don't forget to visit our virtual store

  Send us an e-mail to to mgtutor@gmail.com with your problems and you'll get a free quote in hours. No strings attached!

TIP: The way you can submit your problems to us is:
  • By e-mail: You send us an e-mail with your questions. It can be any type of file, doc, pdf, xls, or a scanned image of the problems. The turnaround is 24-48 hours.

  • By fax: You can get our fax number on request.

MGT - Professional Math and Statistics Homework Help. If you need assistance with math, don't hesitate to contact us.

The place where you'll find math and statistics solutions, and help with homework. We conduct any kind of math and statistical analysis, and provide homework assistance.

Math Blog Posts:

  • 9-11-2014: We welcome students starting the academic 2014-15 year, we have received a lot of enquires about our service, so we can tell the year has started.

  • 9-10-2014: To adopt to modern times, we have started our Facebook and Twitter pages, please take a look!

  • 9-10-2014: We are very excited about this new academic year, it is our 10th year of operation. We plan to perform a thorough update of the sections, particularly of the store, the sample problems page and the problem of the day. Keep tuned!

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  • Physicists in Zurich discover how to amplify randomness

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