How to Use Excel's One Way ANOVA to Solve Some Practical Statistics Problems - Statistics Homework Help

\[\begin{array}{cc} & {{H}_{0}}:{{\mu }_{A}}={{\mu }_{L}}={{\mu }_{F}}={{\mu }_{M}} \\ & {{H}_{A}}:\text{ not all the means are equal} \\ \end{array}\]

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\[\begin{array}{cc} & {{H}_{0}}:{{\mu }_{IMPORT}}\le {{\mu }_{DOMESTIC}} \\ & {{H}_{A}}:{{\mu }_{IMPORT}}>{{\mu }_{DOMESTIC}} \\ \end{array}\] \[\begin{array}{cc} & {{H}_{0}}:{{\mu }_{IMPORT}}\le {{\mu }_{DOMESTIC}} \\ & {{H}_{A}}:{{\mu }_{IMPORT}}>{{\mu }_{DOMESTIC}} \\ \end{array}\] \[\hat{y}=177.1208202+1.065143906\times \text{Price}\]
R Square
coefficient is given by

\[{{R}^{2}}=0.722603356\] \[\Pr \left( X<10.5 \right)=\Pr \left( \frac{X-11.90}{1.40}<\frac{10.5-11.90}{1.40} \right)=\Pr \left( Z<-1 \right)\] \[=\Phi (-1)=0.158655\] \[\Pr \left( X>15 \right)=\Pr \left( \frac{X-11.90}{1.40}>\frac{15-11.90}{1.40} \right)=\Pr \left( Z>2.21 \right)\] \[ =1-\Pr \left( Z\le 2.21 \right)=1-\Phi (2.21)=0.013553\]