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\[\large \begin{array}{cc} & {{H}_{0}}:{{\mu }_{Intrinsic}}=5 \\ & {{H}_{A}}:{{\mu }_{Intrinsic}}\ne 5 \\ \end{array}\]

SPSS Descriptive Statistics

\[\large {{\bar{X}}_{Intrinsic}}=5.1440,\text{ }{{s}_{Intrinsic}}=0.99746\]

T-test Results from SPSS

SPSS one-sample t-test results

\[\large t = 2.283\]

Critical Values

  • When to use t-test or z-test: Basically, the z-test is used when the data comes from a normal distribution and the population standard deviation is known. On the other hand, when the data come from a normal distribution, and the sample size is small (\(n < 30\)) and the population standard deviation is not known, then we use a t-test.