Best Practices for Statistics Studying

What is the purpose of studying statistics?

statistics studying

What do you learn in statistics class?

statistics studying

Is Statistics Studying mostly based on numbers?


  1. Make sure you have a reason to take that Stats class. Statistics studying is not terribly hard, but it is truly best to have a reason to take it. If you don't like math and you don't have to take it, then don't it.
  2. Try to find the best match for your career path. Sometimes plain statistics may not me for you, but perhaps there could be a more specific class such as "Statistics for Social Sciences", just to give an example.
  3. Once you are taking Stats, be mindful of your study strategies. Be mindful of how you study and learn, and practice a lot.
  4. Stick to proven strategies: Give yourself plenty of time to study, do not allow to fall behind too much before you catch up. Hire a stats tutor if you need to. Work mostly on solving practice problems, that way you will be completely habituated to solving questions like the ones you will get in the real tests.