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Operations Management Homework Help

Operations Management Topics

  • Statistical Process Control
    • Control Charts
    • X-bar, R-bar, p-bar, C-bar charts
    • Process Capability

  • Forecasting
    • Time Series
    • Moving Averages
    • Exponential Smoothing
    • Trend Projection
    • Seasonal Indexes

  • Location Stretegies
    • Factor Rating
    • Center of Gravity
    • Transportation Model

  • Layout Strategy
    • Fix-position layout
    • Processed Oriented layout
    • Office layout
    • Warehouse layout
    • Forecasting

  • Inventory
    • A-B-C analysis
    • Economic Order Quantity (EOQ)
    • Economic Production Quantity (EPQ)
    • Quantity Discount Models
    • Just in Time systems (JIT)

  • Aggregate Scheduling
    • Demand Chase
    • Mixed Strategy

  • Material Requirement Planning (MRP)
    • Bills of material
    • Lot-for-lot

  • Decision Theory
    • Decision Trees
    • Utility

    • Critical Path
    • Uncertain Data

  • Linear Programming

  • Waiting-Line models
    • Queues
    • Single-Channel and Multi-Channel models

  • Simulation
    • Simulations in Excel
    • Monte Carlo Methods

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Our Specialties

Statistical Process Control

Do you have a homework on Statistical Process Control, including Control Charts, X-bar, R-bar, p-bar, C-bar charts, then we can certainly help!.


Anything related to Forecasting, Time Series, Moving Averages, Exponential Smoothing, Trend Projection, Seasonal Indexes, we can help with your OM assignment.


Project Management through PERT/CPM appears in most of the OM textbooks, and you may need help with Critical Path, Uncertain Data, etc.

Linear Programming

Are you confused with Linear Programming, Linear Optimization, Simplex, Transportation Models, Integer Programing? We can help you out.

Waiting-Line models

Waiting-Line models are another common topic in OM Homework, with Queues, and Single-Channel and Multi-Channel models

We provide help with ALL Math Subjects

Aside from Operations Management, we can also help with Stats, Calculus, Linear Algebra, Quantitative Methods, Decision Analysis, you name it

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