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In we can help you with your MINITAB projects, at any level.

  • Either if it is for a statistics or business class, or for your thesis or dissertation, or any kind of project, you'll find what you need with us.

  • We provide quality step-by-step solutions to your Minitab problems. Submit your request for a free quote.

Minitab is one the leading statistical software in world. It provides powerful data analysis tools, indispensable for professionals in many different areas. Minitab is required at many universities, and it is a must to have a good command of its features.

We offer assistance in several topics. We believe that a solid background on this statistical software provides the appropriate tools to face the challenges of today's professional world.

Submit by e-mail your Minitab questions to us for a free quote. We'll be back to you within hours with a free estimate. We are the first step to start with your Minitab Training.

Make sure to visit our store. There you'll find study guides for sale with hundreds of solved problems on Quantitative Methods, Statistics, Optimization, etc. We have study guides, the most common formulas, etc.

Minitab Features

This is a list of subjects you may be interested on:

  • Data Analysis, Sampling and Charts
    • Sampling Methods: Random, Stratified, Cluster, etc.
    • Histograms
    • Stem and Leaf
    • Box-Plot
    • Normality Tests.

  • Measures of Central Tendency and Dispersion
    • Mean
    • Standard Deviation
    • Standard Error of the Mean
    • Range
    • Skewness
    • Normality Tests

  • Regression Analysis
    • Coefficient of Correlation
    • Coefficient of Determination
    • Least Squares Method
    • Multiple Linear Regression
    • Variance Inflation Factor in Minitab (VIF)

  • Times Series
    • Control Charts
    • Autocorrelation
    • Seasonal Indexes
    • Trends, cycles
    • Forecasting
    • Minitab six pack (Capability)
    • Process Capability Index in minitab

  • Probability Distributions
    • Binomial Distribution
    • Poisson Distribution
    • Exponential Distribution
    • Standard Normal (Gaussian)

  • Hypothesis Testing
    • Z-test, two independent samples
    • t-test, two independent samples, paired samples
    • F-test
    • Non-parametric Chi Square test
    • One Way and Two way ANOVA
    • Levene's Test
    • Crosstabs
    • Chi Square Tests
    • Non-Parametric Tests

With our help, you'll get that extra edge you need! We can provide solutions that suit your own needs. We're sure you'll learn how to use Minitab with us. We can handle simple tasks like computing descriptive statistics or more complicated ones such as the use of minitab for multivariate analysis, factor analysis

You can submit your problems for a free quote :
  • By e-mail: You send us an e-mail with your questions. Could be any type of file, doc, pdf, xls, or a scanned image of the problems.

  • It's free to get a quote, and there's no obligation after that. It costs you nothing to find out how much would it be to solve a list of problems.

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